Ski de fond avec le Baby GliderBaby Glider, la pulka idéale pour faire du ski de fond accompagné de son jeune enfant.

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The pulka is mainly known to be a sled pulled by adventurers to move their equipments and foodstuff during their polar expeditions.

En Scandinavia, families adapted it into baby pulka to be able to pull their kids during winter activities. The BABY GLIDER is its Canadian version.

The BABY GLIDER sled was first designed a long time ago by Richard Weber, Canadian polar explorer well known around the world. In the middle of the 1990, Pierre Harvey the cross-country skier along with the CH2 group started the pulka’s production. Fifteen years later, BLANCHON Company an experienced manufacturing of baby pulka and expedition pulka acquires BABY GLIDER. Few years later, its doors closed.

Then a young couple realizes that this wonderful product is not available anymore on the market. Anne and Dominique have had a lot of memory making moments with their two young daughters and the BABY GLIDER sled. The baby pulka permitted them to pursue their favorite winter activities like cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. They thought that it is really sad that this useful sled is no longer available so that’s how the idea of re launching the production happened. That’s how during 2012’s spring, they bought BLANCHON equipments.

Engineers being their professions, they possess a solid experience in manufacturing but more specifically in plastic and composite transformation. In 2012, they re launch the fabrication of BABY GLIDER with the certainty to offer a high quality product that will make your whole family happy!

Come on, go play outside and enjoy winter with your family!


Enjoy winter with your family!