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1- What are the differences between today’s BABY GLIDER and the old version? 
Today’s version is the third generation of Baby glider. Its molded base fits the classic cross-country tracks which wasn’t the case with the first generation. Different improvements have been brought to make the actual version stronger. The Baby Glider also now has a movable protection canvas to facilitate its maintenance.

2- How is my child installed in the Baby Glider? 
In its snowsuit, the child is sitting in a polar fur seat. He is attached to a 5 points strap system. The seat is also adaptable from the seating position to the sleeping position to fit the needs and the age of the child. Depending of the weather, you can add blankets before closing the waterproof cover and installing the windshield to protect your child from the bad weather. The back of the seat offers a good support for the lumbar and has an aluminum framework protecting the child in case of an overthrow.

3- At what age can I securely use it with my child? 
The Baby Glider seat is designed for children from 6 months to 5 years old. For younger kids, it is possible to remove the standard sled seat and fix the movable car seat to the bottom of the sled with a strapping system. (Optional) Note: It is possible to buy the strapping system to fix the car seat to your outdoor retailer or via our website.

4- Can I use the Baby Glider to cross-country skate ski? 
The Baby Glider was designed to cross-country skating as well as classic cross-country skiing. It is also appreciated while snowshoeing or to simply enjoy a winter walk on hard or semi-hard snow surface.

5- Can I cross-country ski in the backcountry with the Baby-Glider? 
The Baby Glider was mainly designed for maintained tracks (classic or skating skiing). It’s also designed for hard or semi-hard surface but it’s not recommended for powdered snow.

6- To what temperature can I use the Baby Glider to carry my child? 
In the Baby Glider your child is protected against the wind and you can wrap him up warmly. One thing you can’t forget is that you are getting warm as you are practicing your favorite sport but your little one is less active then you. Often check to make sure that your child is warm enough. The parent’s good judgment is needed according to the weather and the length of the hike.

7- Is this a Canadian product? 
The Baby Glider is a Canadian product. Designed and made in Quebec. The main production activities are in Ste-Marie de Beauce and our subcontractors are entirely from Quebec as well.

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